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Best Things to Buy During Dubai Shopping Festival

Dubai never ceases to amaze its visitors with its grandeur and larger than life attitude. When it comes to events and festivities, Dubai leaves no stone unturned in showing off its flamboyance and enthusiasm. Every occasion is elaborately held in Dubai, be it the New Year celebration or the Dubai Shopping Festival. During the Dubai Shopping Festival, Dubai turns into a shopping paradise for shopaholics with every shop, street outlets and malls slashing down their prices, offering quality products with promotions and deals at prices that you would want to splurge and loosen up your pockets in some of the best malls and souks of Dubai. This year the shopping festival arrives early on 26 December 2016 and extends way into the New Year till 28 January 2017. This month long mega shopping carnival that offers an endless choice of goods at lucrative discounts. With so many options and offers going on, you will end up getting in the dilemma as to what to shop. We present to you a checklist of goods to refer to while you are on your shopping trip to Dubai.


Dubai literally lives up to its status- The City of Gold. If you want to spend investing on gold or love gold jewellery, Dubai is the place to be. With countless gold jewellery stores, showrooms and a whole souk dedicated to this precious element, Dubai gives you endless options to shop for gold. Shopping for gold during the Dubai Shopping Festival is a great time to get gold at cheap prices. You’ll come across a mind blowing collection of gold coins and jewellery with intricate designs in best quality in modern and traditional wear. Since Dubai Gold & Jewellery Group is a prime sponsor of Dubai Shopping Festival, you can find almost all gold shops canvassing free gold as prizes during this shopping festival.


Arabian destinations are well known for their handcrafted textiles and carpets are very famous. In Dubai, the malls have dedicated show rooms where you’ll get to shop from a large variety of fabulous carpets. However if you need a worthwhile experience, head to a carpet souk and you will be floored at the vast vivid variety of choices. Shop from a gamut of selections of carpets from around the world such as Iranian, Kashmiri, and Turkish all authentic and meticulously made with elaborate and intricate designs made on varied types of fabrics.  Though carpets are expensive, during the Dubai Shopping festival, you can pick up some really good ones at low prices, if you are in a souk; further bargaining can pay off as well to clinch a deal at really cheap prices.

Electronics and gadgets

A priority for any Dubai traveller is to buy electronic and gadgets which are usually on top of their shopping list. At Dubai Shopping Festival, they can be purchased at reasonable prices with most of the shops providing heavy discounts and great deals on items such as cameras, laptop, home theatres and mobile phones. Products of quality brands such as Sony, Samsung, Apple, Bose to name a few can be purchased at good deals and minimum rates. Dubai being a tax fee destination makes it an attractive choice for travellers to buy electronics.


If you are looking out to buy branded, designer or luxury watches, Dubai Shopping Festival is the time you can get your pick from renowned collection of brands such as Cartier, Longines, Rivolli , Rolex. Stores in malls have big discounts on watches during the festive period which is a famous choice among travellers.

Traditional Merchandises

Apart from luxury and branded goods, another great way to explore the shopping fiesta is by visiting Dubai’s traditional markets and antique shops. The souks of Dubai are stocked with attractive goods which are handmade, wood carved, rustic and exudes a unique charisma. Scoot for oxidized antiques, exotic wooden goods and fabrics, Arabian accessories and ornaments, and elegant traditional home decor items. This is a great place to take home some memorable souvenirs of your delightful trip.


Apparels are always the first choice of any shopper. At Dubai Shopping Festival, you can at last get your dream brand apparel that you had always wanted. The vast collection of brands of all genre and luxury brands such as Burberry, Armani, Versace, Jimmy Choo to name a few will leave you overwhelmed by the choices you have. Traditional, ethnic wear to haute couture designer outfits, impressive range of shoes and additional accessories of renowned brands along with great discounts and sale prices will urge you to shop like never before.


With retail outlets at malls dropping prices more than half, you get incredible deals at luxury products during Dubai Shopping Festival. Find your signature perfume at reasonable price from a selection of brands like Bvlgari, Chanel, Dolce Gabbana. Stroll down the perfume souks for best discounts and to sample some traditional Arabian attar from among hundreds of stalls selling perfumes.

Spices and Dry Fruits

The Middle East is renowned for its spices and dry fruits and is popular among tourists who visit Dubai. During the Dubai Shopping Festival, the perfect places to shop these goods are at the traditional souks. The Spice Souks of Dubai welcomes you to join its bustling merriment during the shopping festival and offers you hundreds of shops and stalls filled with a myriad of aromatic spices such as black cardamom, cinnamon sticks, saffron and exotic dry fruits such as Arabian dates, cashews all of which are bought in from different countries at optimum quality and reasonable prices. Take advantage of the festive season and stock up these aromatic gems which on ordinary sale days may be sold at exorbitant prices.

Dubai Shopping Festival is Dubai’s trump card to lure tourists into Dubai, the world’s largest shopping extravaganza clubs irresistible shopping offers, tax free merchandises with unmatched entertainment and leisure options making it the most awaited season for travellers and shoppers around the world. Dubai Shopping festival is that time of the year when the city turns into a full blown jamboree with great events and exciting entertainment happening at every corner of the city. There is so much going on at Dubai Shopping Festival that the experience goes beyond shopping into an all rounder recreational event and you would be confused as to what to buy and which places to visit in Dubai during this period. Apart from shopping, the food scene  gets impressive attention as upscale restaurants,  luxury and budgeted food outlets, cafes and food stalls gear up with a plethora of international and traditional  appetizing cuisine making it a great opportunity to sample some great food during your vacation. Among all the shopping spree and places to visit, do take some time to visit the Global Village during Dubai Shopping Festival where its various pavilions themed on different countries showcase their country’s best products and cuisine for food lovers and travellers alike. Take part in raffles at shops and events held during the shopping season and get a chance to win extraordinary prizes such as a kilo of gold or your dream car. So gear up for the 22nd  Dubai Shopping Festival and start planning your shopping checklist along with your trip to Dubai.

Get Selected Berastogi Shoes at Exceptional Price

Though there are a wide variety of shoes available for men but the proper selection of shoes basically depend on the occasion. Nowadays, you definitely get to see numerous options in the market ranging from classy formal shoes to stylish casual wear. Since shoes are definitely considered as one of the most important accessories, thus stylish pair of men shoes can immediately enhance the style and glamour of the individual.

Men shoes generally tend to be extremely expensive, thus you can always avail to deals and offers to make an affordable buy. The most trusted way of doing this would be to shop online. But, prior to shopping online, you should know the appropriate measurement of your feet. Moreover, you should also be aware of the particular policies on the web store.

Dukanee is one of the major web store in UAE, which has a wide assortment of shoes, apparel and accessories. The wide collection of men shoes are superior in quality and are equally durable and comfortable. You can conveniently select from a wide collection of formal shoes like exceptional range of Berastogi shoes, Aldo shoes and numerous others. Dukanee is also an ideal destination for sports wear like Adidas shoes and Puma shoes. The soft insoles with comfortable padding makes these shoes to prevent various foot injuries and discomfort. Though, selecting the current looking trend is important but as shoppers you should never compromise on the supportability of the shoes. Moreover, if you are planning to select formal shoes, you should always be careful about the design and color.

Apart from reputed branded shoes like Berastogi shoes, Adidas shoes and Puma shoes, this website also has a popular collection of apparel as well. These stylish designer products uniquely suit the taste of all modern individuals. These exclusive collections will only enhance your appearance and make you look more fabulous and stylish. The contemporary designed clothing, footwear and accessories are extremely unique and helps in giving an exotic look. So, it is definitely the perfect time to get away from your traditional mode of shopping and immediately switch to online shopping. Regardless, of extreme comfort, you need to consider many important factors for an ideal online shopping.

So, make a few simple clicks and quickly grab some of the best items online. Again, this website is not limited to shoes, apart from Berastogi shoes, you can also get the latest designer accessories which gives you a complete and enhanced look.

Where To Buy Xtend Life Products?

Today, everyone is going gaga about the coming up of nutritional supplements in the market. Xtend Life products are the newest to be launched in the market. They contain an amazing amount of natural ingredients that can help in making your body fitter. You can try stores for where to buy Xtend Life products.

If you are confused about where to buy Xtend Life, then the best place to do so is through internet. When you buy these products through the company’s website, you make the most intelligent choice because you get detailed information about all the supplements that have been launched. You can carry out a careful evaluation of the various products and their ingredients to take the right purchase decision. Also, the website is accessible in all parts of the world. It’s also easy to make the purchases online because the website contains shopping carts.

The products are also stocked well, unlike in offline shopping where you have to return empty handed from the store because the supply had vanished. Another reason for which you should only use the Xtend Life website for procuring its products is because the products are sold at the most affordable prices here.

The company wants to maximize the availability of its miraculous products for which it has eliminated middlemen from the sales process. Buying Xtend Life products online ensure that you get to save precious time, as opposed to buying these products from offline shopping stores.

An online store also does not cost anything in terms of overheads to be spent on hiring employees for managing the store. So, you get the best quality products that are also not overpriced. Why buying such products from the company website is the best option is because you also get a 90 day back guarantee with them.

Although it is not likely to happen, but any dissatisfaction with the product can be reversed through a full refund. Where to buy xtend life products online ensures that you get the best from these products. They also offer free shipping worldwide if your total purchases amounts to at least $60.

Shop For More Than Lettuce, Cucumbers and Tomatoes!

When you think of what foods should appear on a raw food list, your first thought would naturally be vegetables.  Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers are great raw foods but there are many more that you may not think of.

Where To Find The Best Raw Foods?

Assuming you are not growing your own food, then the farmer’s market is the best place to shop for raw foods.  The food is the freshest.  Wholefood supermarkets are another choice and are becoming very popular.

Although everyone loves a bargain and convenience, be careful when purchasing produce from your local supermarket.   Who knows how the produce was shipped?  The conditions needed to keep the food fresh during long transports are also the ones that can break down the nutrients.  Too much refrigeration will definitely break down beneficial nutrients.

Try Some Of The Following Foods For A Versatile Shopping List:

  • Nuts and Seeds
  • Sun-Dried Fruits
  • Coconuts
  • Seaweeds
  • Barley and Wheat Grass
  • Raw Honey

Remember to purchase nuts that are in the shell.  Seeds such as sunflower seeds add a nice touch to salads.  Sun-dried fruits such as dates are a special treat.  Just make sure that they are organic and dried correctly.  Nuts and seeds are
excellent sources of protein as well as providing heart health benefits.

Coconuts are a wonderful addition.  You can use the milk in a variety of dishes as well as the meat in raw food bars. In many cultures, coconuts are used in healing. They are used for killing bacteria as well as improving digestion.

Be sure to include some of the seaweeds such as sea lettuce or dulse.  There are over 21 varieties seaweed that are used in everyday Japanese and Chinese.  The health aspects of seaweed are numerous including anti-aging and cell rejuvenation.

Raw honey is a great substitute for sugar. In addition to its taste, raw honey has been used widely used for its healing properties. To combat a cold, honey and lemon are a natural choice.

Barley grass is considered by some as the perfect food.  It is a powerful antioxidant and is a source of more than 3 dozen vitamins and minerals.

Top 4 Tips to buy Gold Jewellery online for Kids

Jewellery shopping online has become a trend, but the same trend can be applied on kids as well?? Specially, buying Gold Jewellery Online for Kids should be done carefully as they have sensitive skin and only real gold and silver metals can be compatible on their skin.

Gold or Silver plated jewellery will be in no match and it will produce some rashes on their skin.

Jewellery must neither be very tight for comfort nor too loose. Normally, jewellery is gifted to kids most of the times for baby showers or for baby naming ceremonies. Read on to know more about buying jewellery for babies.

Gold Jewellery can be bought from the early stage itself but buying online can be a teething task. But, it can be bought from the renowned retailers who have introduced the collection for kids. buying Gold Jewellery online for kids is done when they are babies and as they grow, the parents start buying for them for special occasions. Buying jewellery can be a cumbersome job for parents but if they know the ground rules and few tips, then it becomes an easier task. They are fondly treasured as keepsakes for the parents as the baby grows up. Some of the tips are below:

Important to buy Hypoallergenic Jewellery

It is very important for the parents to buy hypoallergenic jewellery so that it will ensure the child’s hyper sensitive and delicate skin is protected. The metal should be affected with sunlight, water or anything. It is such a relief that all the jewellery players have taken care of the material and its properties in their hands. Not even kids but even the grown-ups also face with the wrong metal reactions. Before buying, all the products should be carefully scrutinized and ensured for the child’s safety.

Buying Wrist Jewellery

The easiest and popular choice for kids are the bracelets, bangles or kadas as these does not involve piercing or any sort of pain to the kids. Bracelets look beautiful and it completes the look for any occasion, even if they don’t wear earrings. But, bracelets can be come in disadvantage as well. The size of the bracelet matters to the wrist of the child and as the child grows, it becomes of no use than to give it to someone else or to be kept for the future purpose. Either way, there is nothing wrong in that, but what to do?? If the bracelet piece is one of a kind and is a favorite to your child? Therefore, it is recommended that the bracelets should be bought one or two size bigger, so that the child can wear them as long as they want.

Waistbands for Kids

Kamar dhanis or cute waistbands are another interesting kids jewellery option. Made of silver or gold, they are tied around the waist of the baby. Baby neckpieces in gold, silver or the beaded ones are also quite popular. Colourful meenakari work on chains; look great around those tiny necks. These designs give an impression of precious stones and are a great substitute for gems. Coloured beads can also brighten up an ordinary chain.

Precautions on Necklaces

Necklaces are good for school-age children, but many styles should be avoided on babies and young children because they may pose a choking hazard. Gold chains with pretty or fun pendants are great for older children

Precautions while buying for ceremonies

Gifting of gold is considered to be quite auspicious on important ceremonies like christening or poojas. People invest in gold jewellery as it comprehends great sentimental values and memories of certain occasion. But one has to be very careful before buying gold jewellery on great occasions. One has to consider the comfort of the child and shop for light weight and plain gold jewellery. Gifting gold chains and gold kadas are in trend, so choose wisely.